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Opening a bottle of wine when you don’t want to drink the whole bottle is an age-old problem. You want to open it for a wine tasting, to check if it’s ready to drink or just to have a glass, but you know that once it’s open it’ll start to oxidise. That’s, however, where the genius of Coravin’s wine-preservation technology comes in. It allows you to pour from a bottle of wine without removing the cork, preserving the wine as if the cork hadn’t been removed at all, perfect for wine tastings or savouring favourite bottles of wine.



About Coravin

Coravin is on a mission to change the way we drink wine, by preventing wine being wasted, having to wait to try wines and preserving the quality of the wine. The Coravin Wine Preservation System was invented by Greg Lambrecht who was hesitant to open a bottle of wine when his wife was pregnant but he wanted to taste it. Employing his knowledge of using needles in medicine and chemotherapy he set to finding a way to using needles to extract wine and eight years of experimenting later Coravin was founded. The system uses a needle to pierce the cork to pour the wine without the seal ever being broken and oxygen ever touching the wine. And the best bit is that the cork reseals itself almost immediately after so the wine will be preserved and continue to age as if it had never been touched. They have also developed a screw cap accessory that keeps wine preserved and sealed for up to 3 months. Not just for private residences, you’ll also find Coravin throughout London restaurants and hotels, including The Stafford, Sake no Hana, The Ritz and Brown’s Hotel so wine lovers can try a number of glasses from the wine list. It means you don’t need to save those fine wines for special occasions, you don’t even have to share them if you don’t want to, you can savour it glass by glass over a number of days, weeks, months…

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