Crystal Caviar


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The collectable value of a Picasso or Monet is obvious but have you ever considered the chandelier above your dining table or the mirror in your main saloon to be part of your art collection? Crystal Caviar offers unique fine art crystal sculptures and objects by artists, including Vlastimil Beránek and Jan Frydych, that are specifically designed for the needs of yachts and prove savvy investments, with many pieces more than tripling in value over the past decade.


About Crystal Caviar

Crystal Caviar also specialises in sourcing pieces from rising stars, such as Jaroslav Prošek (Emerald Ship pictured above), a Czech glass artist who creates unique Bohemian crystal sculptures. Inspired by nature and the oceans, Prošek did not study art but was naturally manually skilled and honed his technique in some of the world’s finest sculpture ateliers, making him a key name to watch for those looking to purchase investment-worthy pieces. Click through for more inspiration for your next crystal sculpture purchase.

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