INLAND ICE | Pristine Water

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Listique’s Recommendation

If you’re looking for a premium water that is untouched and natural with a pure, smooth taste that is perfect in gastronomy then we recommend INLAND ICE. The pristine water comes from icebergs that have naturally come away from an ice sheet in Greenland.


About INLAND ICE | Pristine Water

INLAND ICE water is said to be the purest unprocessed drinking water on earth. Permanent ice that covers more than 19,000 square miles is known as an ice sheet and only exists in two places: the Antarctic and Greenland. When the ice sheet ‘calves’ icebergs they melt and are absorbed into the sea, but before they melt, INLAND ICE bottles these icebergs before they melt, the result is uniquely pristine water that hasn’t touched soil or any pollutants. Because the water has been preserved in an encapsulated state for over 100,000 years it has a unique taste that when used in gastronomy allows the individual flavours shine through, enhancing them. It also has significantly lower TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) than other premium water products. Whereas these products usually have 150-500 TDS mg/l, INLAND ICE only has 15 TDS mg/l - an exceptional level of purity. In return for every litre of ice harvested, royalties are paid to the Naalakkersuisuts - the government of Greenland. INLAND ICE also has 100% CO2 offset!

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