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Caviar is one of life’s luxuries that we love, adding it to blinis, cucumber, fish dishes, scrambled eggs and in KC Caviar’s opinion, potatoes too. What we love even more though is eating Caviar and knowing that it is both sustainable and cruelty-free. KC Caviar is leading the way in ethical Caviar production, championing a method that protects the sturgeon, prevents their extinction and still provides the finest Caviar. Prices start from £74.50 for 20gm. Read the article "KC Caviar: The World’s Only Producer of Sustainable, Ethical Caviar" via the link in Contacts below.


About KC Caviar

In a quiet rural village deep in Yorkshire, family-run KC Caviar, is producing world-class Caviar and doing it differently: with a clear conscience. Using a patented method that is harmless and allows the sturgeon to release their eggs naturally, thereby preventing them being killed for a few grams of Caviar, they then retire their sturgeon early to protected lakes and rivers helping to prevent their extinction. And as they are breeding their own fish, they’ll soon be the only facility in the UK producing Caviar from British-bred Sturgeon. That doesn’t mean though that you’ll be paying over the odds for this sustainable Caviar, instead, you’ll find that their 50g tins are priced in line with 100g tins of traditional Caviar. They want it to be a luxury more can try (it’s estimated 40 million people in the UK haven’t tried Caviar) so tins start as small as 10g and go all the way up to an impressive 1kg which also gives you the chance to sponsor and name a sturgeon.

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