Moncada Brewery

Listique’s Recommendation

We love this quirky brewery and bar because it is rich on character and class. The beers they brew and serve are delicious enough even to convert those who usually prefer to drink wine. Overall, the bar has a relaxed and friendly feel that will make you want to stay. We would recommend this brewery and taproom to craft beer fans looking an artisan beer that doesn’t compromise on quality.


About Moncada Brewery

Since 2001, Moncada Brewery has been brewing with love and passion and building up a dedicated bunch of regular customers in the process. Originally conceived as a deli, over time the idea of a brewery took hold. The brewery seems to epitomise the creativity, diversity and vibrancy of its Notting Hill home, serving a range of beers that are certain to impress. Moncada is admirable for its refusal to use a factory line approach, brewing according to taste rather than a set formula. Delicious food is served from an on-site food truck, making this brewery a Notting Hill gem for drinkers and teetotallers alike.

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