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How often do you buy a wine based on the name alone? Swayed by the luxury label or by thinking higher prices mean better quality? Boutique fine wine merchants Sybarite Cellars are lovers of luxury too. They want to find and enjoy sophisticated terroir reflecting and sensual pleasuring wines, however, they buy their wine on taste and quality alone not the name. Many of their wines are produced in lesser well-known vineyards but often superior in quality to those produced in the traditional wine-producing areas. If you want to be introduced to high-quality, interesting and unusual wines then look no further than Sybarite Cellars. Check out the article in Listique's Magazine (link in contact details below) "Sybarite Cellars: The Boutique Fine Wine Merchant Seeking Unique Wines, Sustainably"


About Sybarite Cellars

The Sybarites of ancient Greece were seekers of life’s greatest pleasures, wanting opulence, sensuous luxuries and undoubtedly drinking fine wines. Sybarite Cellars is a boutique fine wine merchant that sells sensual pleasuring wines based purely on taste and quality. Focusing on French, German, Italian and Spanish wines their specialist regions include Loire, Mosel, Tuscany, Burgundy and Rheingau, although they do have a succinct selection of New World Wines. Truly passionate about conservation and the environment, they put an emphasis on sustainability vinification, organic, low sulphite and biodynamic viticulture. Where possible they work with wine producers that use traditional natural cork closure. Cork harvesting is an environmentally friendly process where trees aren’t cut down so forests and the habitats of indigenous mammals and birds aren’t destroyed. Alongside their wines they also have several beers and lagers including lagers from Kenya and Namibia and award-winning spirits Elephant Gin, Snow Leopard Vodka and a range of sloe and damson Gins and vodkas that directly donate to sustainable wildlife conservation projects.

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