Dry Cleaning for Upmarket Clientele

As Listique’s recommended London-based dry-cleaning experts, luxury and quality are hallmarks of their profession. With first-hand knowledge of garment care and skilled craftmanship, it is no wonder that they are trusted by fashion houses across the globe. Vintage clothing, haute couture and delicate items are all dry cleaned in London with a hand finish that guarantees flawless results. Traditional and new technologies are combined in a sector that aims to care for the planet with the same assiduous endeavour that is employed when cleaning clothing that is anything but fast fashion.

Listique’s dry cleaners for London’s elite: the lowdown

As a luxury directory that finds the very best of London’s businesses, artisans and services, at Listique we pride ourselves in recommending professionals whose cleaning processes are a noble craft worthy of the trust bestowed on them by loyal – and royal - clients. Offering stain removal, alterations, and intricate garment repair, as well as advice upon caring for expensive, unique and valuable pieces of clothing, Listique’s partners provide all-encompassing dry-cleaning experiences in line with the high expectations of their upmarket clients. Furthermore, in current times of Covid-19 health alerts and Greta Thunberg’s spotlight on the climate crisis, the environmentally friendly, and sanitising, option of dry-cleaning rugs, comforters, bedding, linen, drapes and curtains is gaining popularity. With these high expectations in mind, it is only natural that Listique dedicated time in choosing only London’s best dry cleaners for the luxury directory.

Expect high quality service

The process of collecting expensive clothing from exclusive neighbourhoods across London to be dry cleaned obviously requires close attention to detail. Everything, from the concierge service that picks the item up to the way the cleaned garment is wrapped for hand-delivery is carefully considered by Listique’s presidential partners. There can be no room for improvement, dry cleaning such valuable fabrics is a precise art that guarantees flawless results. Listique’s presidential partners Jeeves of Belgravia are renowned for providing such a high standard of quality that they hold the Royal Warrant for delivering dry cleaning services to HRH the Prince of Wales.

Expect… gentleness!

A noun more commonly used to describe personal qualities, it may seem incongruous to expect such attention from an industry usually related to harsh chemical solvents and abrasive methods. Yet gentleness is exactly what you can expect from Listique’s selected dry cleaners. Their craftmanship thoroughly dry cleans items in a manner that is gentle to the skin, gentle to the environment and gentle to threads. London’s top dry cleaners use non-allergenic and non-irritating methods that leave garments feeling and smelling fresh.

Expect environmental credentials

The dry-cleaning industry is proactive in protecting the environment. It is an industry that is proud of the fact that its carbon footprint is lower than doing laundry at home. Dry cleaners who feature in Listique are certified Green Earth professional outlets, meaning that they only use environmentally non-toxic solutions that are safe for water, soil and air. As well as using sustainable dry-cleaning solutions such as global leader GreenEarth Cleaning, our London-based exclusive dry-cleaning providers employ biodegradable and non-hazardous substances such as SYSTEMK4.

Expect experience with organically grown or recycled fabrics

Many eco-fashion items are labelled “dry clean only” and for good reason. Dry cleaning ensures the garment’s life is extended by eliminating the risk of wear and tear caused by washing machines. Furthermore, some organic fabrics such as bamboo require dry cleaning in order to reduce the risk of shrinking. Dry cleaning is recommended for ballroom gowns, wedding dresses, tails and morning coats that are made from recycled polyester, given the delicacy of such clothing and the importance of it receiving gentle treatment.

Expect sustainability

Sustainable fashion considers the whole lifecycle of a garment, encouraging practices that do not impact negatively upon our environment or the way we live our lives. An important advantage of GreenEarth cleaning is that it is better for clothes. These chemically inert treatments do not react with dyes or fabric, thus reducing the chance of the garment shrinking or deteriorating over time through abrasive chemical cleaning.

However, sustainability in the fashion industry goes beyond how an item is made and cared for, it also encompasses the future of the garment as it changes ownership, style, and purpose. This is why presidential partners Jeeves of Belgravia donate all uncollected clothing from their dry cleaning premises to SmartWorks, an organisation that provides high-quality clothing for job interviews to women who are out of work. This partnership has proved so successful that Jeeves of Belgravia also encourage their clients to make donations of high quality, nearly new clothing to this organization.


Dry cleaning inactivates microbes and viruses on fabric, which is why dry cleaners have remained open during lockdown. They are an essential service that can be trusted to safely clean first responder uniforms, linen and duvets of those who have been in contact with coronavirus. Although laundrettes have seen a downturn in business despite the clear advantages of this method of cleaning clothing to the health of a nation in lockdown, dry cleaners such as Listique’s presidential partners have seen an increase in public awareness of the role of dry cleaning in battling Covid-19. This is not to say that all clothes should be dry cleaned rather than washed in the warmest water possible in order to remove germs and droplets that may be clinging to the fabric. However, it is important to point out that the high level of heat used during the dry-cleaning process means that viruses cannot survive in this sterile environment.

Do you have couture and designer clothing that requires dry cleaning? Do not hesitate to contact Listique’s presidential partners for London’s best dry-cleaning services. Mentioning Listique’s recommendation will ensure flawless garment treatment and superior customer attention.