How to Maintain Your Health and Wellbeing During Lockdown

By Emily Gray

With the Prime Minister announcing the latest measures to stop the spread of Covid-19, our normal lives seem like a lifetime ago. Now, more than ever, is the time to take care of our health and wellbeing to keep us going through this time of lockdown.


It’s a no brainer really, exercise releases endorphins and right now we could all do with some endorphins. That, and we all need to keep as physically healthy as possible. For those who don’t have access to a private gym, all is not lost, Firstly the government has not yet closed parks, rather they are keeping them open so that we can all get our daily dose of walking, cycling and running. Secondly, with gyms closed, a number are now offering home workouts via Instagram including BXR London and 1Rebel UK; whilst Body Coach Joe Wicks is hosting live PE classes each morning for children.

Meditation and Mindfulness 

Just a few minutes of meditation a day has been proven to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and help with sleep. Leading meditation app, Headspace, has created a new section ‘Weathering the Storm’, designed to support you during this global crisis. If you’ve got more time on your hands then look to Future Learn, who have a course run by Monash University (consistently ranked in the top 1% of the universities in the world) ‘Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance’. Likewise, the School of Life offers online therapy. 


Chances are you’re going to be spending more time in bed in the next few weeks, so you might as well make sure your bedding is in the best condition it can be. After all, sleep is essential to your health and wellbeing. The Simba Hybrid® Pillow is next level in terms of comfort, with space-inspired temperature regulation and an adjustable height and firmness. And whilst you might not be staying in a hotel anytime soon you can still give your bed the hotel treatment with a set of 400 thread count bedsheets from Tielle Love Luxury, who are the choice of a number of 5* hotels. 

Learn Something New

Whether it’s Gordon Ramsay showing you how to cook, Natalie Portman teaching you how to act, or Anna Wintour telling you everything she knows about creativity and leadership, Masterclass is a great way to learn something new. After all, we have all this extra time now, and it will keep your mind preoccupied and from wandering into anxiety. For a little escapism, get lost in your favourite book and if you’re after something truly unique look to Peter Harrington or Sotheran’s. As for children, check out party planners Sharky & George who have lots of ideas for keeping little ones entertained including adventure at home packs. 


With everyone social distancing and self isolating it is important to stay in touch, not just through FaceTime or calls but through the art of letter writing, because a handwritten letter is unfortunately rather a rarity these days, but arguably more cherished than a phone call. For classic stationery, look to Smythson. Equally, keeping a journal to write down how you are feeling during this time can really help when your mind feels overwhelmed, and Mount Street Printers leather notebooks are available to order still.