Investment Consulting and Management Services

At Listique’s recommended investment advisors, assiduity is paramount. Dealing with UHNW individuals, complex international families, A-list celebrities, nobility and independently wealthy persons, all of whom have diverse investment portfolios and family offices, our investment consultants move between investment opportunities, do extensive due diligence, manage risk and carry out trend analyses. All our investment advisers are subject to regulation, undergoing continuous scrutiny with confidence. Not only can they advise against fraud, they go the extra mile to ensure fair investments with fantastic returns.

Listique-listed investment advisors: the lowdown 

As a luxury directory that finds the very best of London’s businesses, artisans and services, there can be little doubt that our financial services providers meet the highest expectations for clients seeking investment consultancy on portfolios that yield 7-12% a year on secured investments, for example.

When enquiring about London’s best advisors on income producing investments, high yield investments, gold investments and property investments, Listique’s presidential partners are often named. Trustworthy professionals who are accustomed to advising on fixed-income investments, their expertise encompasses investment consultancy for a wide range family offices, individual investors and funds. Turn to our experts for specialist exchange-traded funds (ETC) investments or exchange traded commodities (ETCs). With a cool head these professional investment consultants develop portfolios that move in the opposite direction to stocks, providing interesting returns when the stock market is volatile. 

Expect accomplished investment advisors with forthright personalities 

Listique’s financial advisors are comfortable with talking about making money. They have the confidence to advise new clients. Our recommended presidential partners build up a good reputation with each and every individual investor. These are professionals who are capable of putting the interests of the client first. As forthright individuals, these investment consultants assess, plan, listen and then create bespoke strategies that are clear to follow. Not only are they legitimate certified financial planners with accreditations from financial management advisory bodies, our masterly investment advisors also enjoy peer recognition, often receiving consultations from fellow investment management service providers about opportunities they are not as knowledgeable about as our presidential partners. 

Expect skills and know-how 

All of our recommended financial advisors have practical experience with cash, bonds, shares and properties. Furthermore, one of our presidential partners is an expert in what is often referred to as the fifth asset class: commodities. Incredibly skilled with exchange-traded commodities (ETC), they make this investment opportunity a profitable one for investors keen on diversifying their portfolios. There is always an economic reason to list a commodity on an exchange. With this in mind, our presidential partner shows precise judgements on speculative factors.

Commodities can be complex to comprehend. They are traded on derivatives, with investors receiving returns based upon the commercial demand, rather than the current price, of the commodity invested in. Furthermore, certain commodity markets are manipulated in such a way that they do not entirely reflect supply and demand. OPEC, for example, controls the price of crude oil in order to meet the demands of small groups of traders or investors who push for prices to be kept at a certain level. Knowing this means that whilst short-term traders can make profits on commodities, other wily investment advisors move skilfully between the commodities to maximise benefits for their clients. 

Expect performance that permeates perspicacity 

One quality our recommended advisors share is their ready insight into investment opportunities. They are shrewd investors unafraid of providing unequivocal financial advice. The psychology of investing during uncertain political times requires an understanding of behavioural finance. Trained to spot and control bias, Listique’s chosen financial services consultants are keen on providing a return on investment on money allocated for specific purposes. They are open with their clients, rebuffing any confirmation bias that may arise from flawed information sources. Furthermore, their control and shared knowledge of a broad range of investment portfolios protects against familiarity bias.

In other words, despite not being natural trend-setters, these independent, out-of-the box investors break with traditional perceptions in order to make money. Their performance reflects the ambition they have as individuals aware of the responsibility their profession entails. These professionals who handle other people’s money with care, show long term commitment and leadership. Furthermore, everything is in writing, detail is paramount, documents are signed, pledges are made. 

Expect fees

We know that fees are an important consideration when looking at investment advisors. Each one of Listique’s presidential partner charges fees in accordance to strict criteria which is carefully explained. For example, Glenn King from presidential partner Oakmount & Partners confirms that his business operates on a performance related fee.

“As a business, we feel that it is very important to align ourselves side by side with our customers so that each party benefits in a mutually rewarding fashion”.

Listique’s curated directory of leading individuals based in London who advise on wealth management and international investment opportunities includes professionals who charge an hourly fee to clients for managing their financial affairs. Listique also includes financial advisors who earn commission from selling specific financial products such as annuities. 

Whichever method of remuneration chosen by the investment advisor consulted from Listique’s dedicated section on financial services, rest assured that they have been strictly vetted to meet Listique’s levels of expectation. We are honoured that they are listed in our directory and they, in turn, are proud to feature in this selection. 

Expect 21st century proof wealth accumulation

Accumulating wealth in the 21st century means being aware of the big picture. Many investors have a keen interest in certified B Corporations and ethical investments, as well as IPOs, mutual funds, secured investments, cash, bonds, high yield investments and asset-backed investments. With long-term relationships forged between clients and their financial advisor, the gap between where an investor is at the moment and where they would like to be is eliminated. Both know that the slower growth in ageing economies requires smart thinking in order to invest over the long term. Building up a nest egg in today’s investment environment is a matter of teamwork. Look no further than Listique for the wisest investment consultancies in London.