London’s best bespoke joiners and upmarket property maintenance contractors

The joiners recommended by Listique are, quite simply, the best that London have to offer. Members of multi-faceted building maintenance teams, bespoke joinery is probably the most treasured skill they offer to major renovations. These are the trusted building companies with whom top interior designers work. In junction with their joinery expertise are tiling, stonework, paving, refurbishment, and decoration skills. All of this is coupled with a flair for handling intricate contracts from high-end residential and commercial firms. Covering building work, plumbing, drainage, and construction to electrical, decorating, gas safe installation and metal work, our partners are respected tradesmen with sterling reputations. Trust Listique’s esteemed directory to solve your home maintenance requirements with builders who are used to working with UHNW families, celebrities and households run by busy professionals. 

Listique’s recommended handyman builders for London – the lowdown

As a luxury directory that finds the very best of London’s businesses, artisans and services, Listique has selected the top residential builders working in London’s upmarket addresses and listed them in this directory. Our recommended partners enjoy excellent word-of-mouth reputations. Not only are they able to fix leaking taps or solve draughty window frames; they are artisans with an innate understanding of making beautiful features that match the creative vision of a design project. Bespoke joinery carried out by an experienced team of expert carpenters is, on a visual and practical level, the finest craft provided by Listique’s applauded contractors. 

Expect a safe, skilled handyman

Our partners employ a multi-trade team capable of covering all handyman roles thinkable. Turn to one of Listique’s recommended handymen for outstanding quality decorating, including sophisticated hand painted wallpapering and precision painting. Search our directory for a handyman worth his weight in gold. These trusted individuals, many of whom trained through skilled apprenticeships under master builders, are safety conscious and gas safe. For them, skills and safety go hand in hand. Performing stylish and luxurious home maintenance of any nature is their ambition. Making sure regulations and compliance are met allows this ambition to be achieved. 

Expect custom joinery in exotic materials

Our partners are expert joiners in interior and exterior joinery. Their skills include replicating original pieces from a sample; recreating period sash and casement windows; building stylish Japanese woodwork to design; or specialist carpentry for spiral staircases. The functionality of their joinery is uppermost; the beauty of the features they create never fails to impress even the most disinterested observer. Whether exotic or prosaic materials are chosen for the design project, advice is on hand to match expectations with superior solutions. 

Expect supreme quality tiling in ceramic, quartz, granite and more

Stylish tiling can be a distinguishing feature in a sophisticated London home. Our experts understand the competing style trends prevalent in 21st century creative designs for UK homes. In some homes they have met the demand for reclaimed tiles, becoming familiar with the most exclusive suppliers with ranges that few independent purchasers have access to. Likewise, they also work closely with ceramics artisans who custom design tiles for modern luxurious interiors.

Expect practical plumbing & drainage without interruption

Covering many trades with confidence, our presidential partners are also known for their comprehensive plumbing skills. Clients are grateful for their speed, efficiency, and expertise. Repairs, installations, clearing obstructions, inspecting and testing vacuum gauges are all in a day’s work for our recommended handyman contractors. Used to working in upmarket properties, pool, spa, jacuzzi and hot tub maintenance is also offered to Listique’s clients. 

Indoor and outdoor drainage is an area within the construction trade which demands a lot of respect. Those experts such as presidential partner TNA Building Services, who have a solid reputation in drainage, are constantly on demand for newbuilds and home renovations. An indoor drainage system that can incorporate home extensions, radical makeovers, extra en-suite features, and unique points of entry, is one that will continue to function without interruption, come what may.

Expect maximum building maintenance with minimum fuss

Our partners boast teams of skilled, multi-faceted individuals who offer plumbing, electrical and decorating services to London homes. From general building work to refits or refurbishments, Listique’s recommended building services providers are approved contractors who understand building regulations and know how to get a good job done. Our teams employ a straightforward planning method that makes sure the right procedure is in place on a project by project basis. This approach to domestic building works ensures a smooth project from start to finish. 

Expect modern solutions for a future-proofed home

A top requirement in any future-proofed home is an EV charging station. With experience of introducing convenient, quick and suitable electric vehicle charging points to households across London, our recommended property maintenance suppliers can advise on which option is best for each home. Home charging stations can include rapid chargers or Tesla superchargers. 

More generally, forward-looking homeowners are turning to Listique for builders with experience in sustainable home refurbishment that transforms homes into low carbon and energy efficient buildings. Fully trained in sustainable building practices, their enthusiasm for these projects is matched by their knowledge. Our partners can talk you through exclusive domestic retrofits for upmarket properties where homeowners are eco-conscious. 

Expect innovative building methods 

Our builders work with a wide network of architects, structural engineers, surveyors and interior designers who are at the top of their game. Together they discuss the latest innovations for construction and building. New tools are suggested, tried and tested. New materials are thoroughly investigated in order to understand their true potential. Apart from providing a futuristic touch to the tiling, paving, decorating or joinery work undertaken, these technological advances also bring smart answers to perennial building headaches. Insulation, electricity and plumbing are areas in which technology has advanced greatly since the beginning of this century. As for future generations, pollution fighting buildings are now a thing of the present. 

Interested in learning more about these services? Contact our partners today and mention "LISTIQUE" for special attention.