Six of the Most Luxurious Easter Eggs

By Emily Gray

We’d forgive you if this year you have forgotten that Easter is just around the corner, but it is and just in time we say, a little joy and a whole of lot of chocolate is exactly what we could do with right now. If you’re looking for a certain je ne sais quoi with your chocolate then check out these six luxurious Easter eggs.

Fortnum & Mason’s Hand-Painted Cockerel Egg

More a work of art than an Easter egg, this offering from Fortnum & Mason’s has been made using a highly aromatic ‘Fine Flavour’ Colombian chocolate by the master chocolatiers and then hand-painted using natural pigments. You’re going to want to savour it but let’s be realistic the chances of you not just eating it straight away are slim aren’t they? 

Venchi’s Gran Gourmet Milk Chocolate Piedmont Hazelnut Egg 1kg

Milk chocolate and hazelnuts: it’s a classic combination, and luxury chocolatiers Venchi has created this Gran Gourmet egg which champions the winning pair. It may just look like a simple milk chocolate shell from the outside, but crack into it and you’ll find a crunchy layer of Piedmont hazelnuts. With it coming in at 1kg there is plenty to go around. 

COCO & Talisker Easter Egg

Chocolatiers COCO is giving us all the reasons to smile at the moment. Firstly, they have created a chocolate isolation kit to get us through these troubling times. And secondly, just in time for Easter, they have partnered with Talisker Whisky to create this dramatic dark chocolate sea salted filled with Talisker sea salted caramels using sea salt from Isle of Skye - it’s the ideal gift for whisky fiends. 

Daylesford’s Beekeeper’s Egg 

Daylesford are celebrating our precious bees with this sweet beekeeper’s egg, complete with little chocolate bees and filled with honeycomb pieces. And by buying this egg you’re also doing your good deed for the day,

as the chocolate is made from sustainably grown cocoa from the Ivory coast and Ghana with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, which invests in training programmes for women in West Africa. 

Hotel Chocolat’s Ostrich Egg 

Call yourself a chocolate super fan? Then this is the egg for you. Modelled on the giant of eggs, the ostrich egg, Hotel Chocolat’s chocolate juggernaut weighs in at over a kilo. Half is made from 40% milk chocolate and is packed with cookies and puffed rice, whilst the other half is made up of crispy feuilletine smothered in rich 50% milk chocolate. That’s just the beginning though, it’s packed with twenty of their classic chocolates including the fudge sundae, salted caramels and six milk chocolate eggs. It’s pure chocolate opulence. 

Miansai's Golden Egg

Not really into chocolate? Or is gold more your thing? For those looking for an eggceptional (yes, we went there) egg that won’t crack, then look no further than Miansai. Made from 18 karat solid gold, this is one egg that can be treasured for many Easters to come.