Sky Pool: The World’s First Floating Swimming Pool Opens in London

By Emily Gray

Published 07/05/21

What are you doing on 19th May? Us, well we’ll be seeing who we know who is living in the Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms. If you’re wondering why, then let us tell you. It’s soon to be home to the world’s first ‘floating’ swimming pool and it’s seriously cool.

So first of all, how does a swimming pool float? By firstly having a transparent bottom and then being suspended 35 metres up in the sky, between the Embassy Gardens’ Legacy Buildings that’s how. Yes, if you decide to swim out across the pool, you will be able to look down and feel as if you’re flying over London. As we say seriously cool, but not one for those with vertigo. 

The concept first came about in 2013 when the creative teams were settling on a location for the Embassy Gardens’ outdoor swimming pool and decided that the only space big enough was between the Legacy Buildings. With the help of structural engineers Eckersley O’Callaghan they developed the 50-tonne acrylic pool with a base that is 300mm thick which, after rigorous safety testing was then built in Colorado, transported to Texas and then shipped over to London. Oh and it has five modes of lighting, just to give it that extra magical feeling. 

So if you do live in an Embassy Gardens apartment and you suddenly seem to be inundated with messages from your friends asking to come over then you know why... you’ve got the ticket to the world’s first floating swimming pool. 

Open exclusively to residents who are members of the Eg:le Club, The Sky Pool is set to arrive on the 19th May. To find out more about the pool and the apartments available click here. 

Images: EcoWorld Ballymore